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Challenger tractor range

Challenger tractor

Outwardly, the Challenger MT 700D series tractors look almost identical to their ‘C’ series predecessors. The main changes occur under the big hood, where an AGCO Power engine from the factory in Finland has replaced a Caterpillar unit.

Despite a small reduction in swept volume, the 8.4-litre engine is tuned to give significantly more power – the MT 745D is up 15% (45hp) to 335hp peak output with max torque up 8.5%; the Challenger MT 755D serves up an extra 7% (24hp) at 358hp with almost 3% more torque; and the MT 765D is up almost 8% (27hp) at 382hp with the same torque output as the MT 755D.

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and an oxidation catalyst are used to clean up the exhaust to Euro Stage 3B / US Tier 4i emissions standards.

Challenger range

MT 700D

These models have been discontinued but remain in the database for reference:

MT 700C

MT 800C