Teejet’s Matrix has something that you won’t find on any other GPS guidance receiver – a facility whereby you can overlay the guidance lines over a live video camera feed.

So instead of watching a computerised version of the field you’re in, the Matrix uses a centrally-mounted camera to show the actual field you’re in. It gives a much more natural feel to using the unit, says the company’s Martin Baxter, and a small steering wheel icon tells you which way to turn the steering wheel (and how much to move it) to get back on track.

It still has a standard led lightbar at the top of the unit, but the video oberlay is said to be much more intuitive to use. Plus a set of infra-red LEDS let you see in the dark and extra cameras can be added to give the driver, for instance, a reversing view facility and a nozzle check camera.

The standard unit has a 5.7in screen, but an 8.4in version will be available with a split-screen facility.

Auto-boom shut-off and hydraulic autosteer are supported and field boundaries and area sprayed can be downloaded in SHP, PDF and Google Earth form.

Cost of the 5.7in version is £1300 without the camera and £1500 with it. The larger 8.4in screen costs £2000.