welding mask

Want to make an impression on your fellow workers? Weldability-Sif’s Phantom Impact auto-darkening helmet brings high style to your welding tasks with a resistant nylon shell that is said to be suitable for all welding and cutting applications down to 10 amps.

Weighing a modest 0.4kg, it has a groovy metal-and-ice decal design and can be used with stick, TIG, MIG/MAG, plasma welding/cutting, grinding and oxy/fuel welding/cutting.

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It is equipped with the popular 110x90x9mm cartridge, has a 98x44mm viewing area that provides constant UV/IR protection to DIN16. The helmet has a fully-automated power on and off, and auto-darkens in less than a 6,000ths of a second.

There is an external shade adjustment knob that lets you manually change between DIN 9 and DIN 13. The sensitivity and delay are also adjustable.

The Phantom Impact is made of a high-impact resistant nylon shell, which allows use for grinding operations. It is powered by a solar cell and comes with a clear replacement front lens, adjustable headgear and comfort sweatband.