17 May 2002

77.2% rise on year for April-registered tractors

By Andy Collings

GOOD news on the tractor registration front – the Agricultural Engineers Association says the number of tractors registered during April was a creditable 77.2% increase on the same period last year.

With a total of 1928 registrations, April is the fourth consecutive month to register an increase on the preceding year. It brings the year to date figure to 4687 – 47.3% higher than last year.

Discovering the explanation for this dramatic improvement is not straightforward, says the AEA which suggests it is likely to be a culmination of reasons.

The main buying group continues to be the stock farmers with tractors in the 100-120hp power bracket dominating sales. This could be because this group delayed renewing machines during last years unsettling events, and the fact that there is an overall greater optimism in the trade.

Whether such increases will carry through for the rest of this year, remains to be seen. If the forecasts from the UKs major tractor manufacturers are to be believed, it will be unlikely that the end of year figure will be little more than a touch greater than last year. &#42

With a total of 1928 tractors registered in April, the year to date figure is now 4687 – an increase of 47.3% on the same period last year.