21 May 1999

Turbo-blaze those spasmodic weeds

GARDENERS looking for an economical way to control large areas of weeds which have intermittently attacked, could be interested in the Scott Bros LGP Turbo Gardener.

The implement, which Scott insists needs no operator training and works in typical UK wet and windy conditions, uses heat from an adjustable flame fuelled by a gas propane cylinder to destroy weeds – a non-toxic method which makes it safe to use in areas where chemicals are undesirable because of children and animals.

Price £59.95 including 2m of hose and an adjustable regulator (01606-837787).

Hand-held probe

digs deeper

A HAND held digital thermometer equipped with an extra long grain probe is now available from Electronic Temperature Instruments (ETI).

The 2002 is described by the company as being a light weight portable unit capable of recording temperatures from -49.9 to +199.9C with a 0.1C resolution. Features include an LCD display with hold, open circuit and low battery indication. Life of the units 9-volt PP3 or MN1604 battery is extended through an auto-power off facility after four minutes non-use.

Price of the ETI 2002 is £55 with the 1.4m (56in) grain probe costing a further £43.75. Tel: 01903 202151.

Baited tyre provestempting to pests

ITS simple, yet it works, according to its manufacturer. The Tyre Box Bait Station has been designed for use by farmers and gamekeepers and comprises three basic parts – a tyre, two plates and a bolt to hold them together.

With the plates fixed to both sides of the tyre to form a baited inner cavity, pests – rats, mice etc – enter the unit via a hole made in the tyre.

Country Cures (Pest Control) maintains that the bait box complies with all current safety legislation and supplies the unit with a safety policy, monitoring scheme advice leaflet.

Price of the Tyre Box Bait Station starts at £20 with discounts available for multiple orders. (01256-840969).

Additive cuts engine warm-ups by half

A RADIATOR additive fluid developed in the US is said to cut engine temperature warm-up time by half and reduce engine operating temperatures by up to 17C.

Radiator Relief is marketed by in the UK by Agriemach and is suitable both with water and water/antifreeze solutions.

The company says engines are most vulnerable to mechanical damage when starting from cold. Reducing warm-up periods should reap rewards. The fluids claimed action of preventing overheating should help sustain engine life.

Radiator Relief is supplied in 0.9 litre (32 fl oz) plastic bottles and costing £18.99. Tel: 01342 713743.