26 September 1997

An alternative to penicillin offered

AN alternative to penicillin-based antibiotic milking cow tubes currently in use is now available with Lactatrim MC, according to manufacturer Elanco Animal Health.

"It is widely recognised that the best way to stop antibiotic resistance occurring is by rotating antibiotics, so there has long been a need for an effective alternative to these penicillin-based drugs," says Elanco vet Erwin Hohn.

"Its unique antibacterial combination of trimethoprim and sulphadiazine works in a different way to other milking cow tubes and most dry cow tubes," he claims

Lactatrim MC has a 48-hour milk withholding period and is claims efficacy against all the major mastitis pathogens, including two of the more stubborn causes of mastitis, Staph aureus and E coli.

Elanco claims results of a farm study showed a clinical response in 90% of cases after treatment with Lactatrim MC.

Relapses were also low, below 10% compared with 50% for the control product.