12 September 1997

Analysis helps enzyme rates

POULTRY feed manufacturers and producers formulating their own rations from wheat and barley can now obtain a more accurate indication of cereal quality and target enzyme use to ensure maximum digestibility.

Thats according to enzyme specialist Finnfeeds International at this weeks launch of its aviCheck service. This service analyses cereals – which can vary greatly in quality – in vitro, giving a viscosity reading, explained technical services manager Michael Pack.

"In wheat and barley-based feeds, digesta viscosity accounts for 60-80% of performance variation."

Although most poultry feeds now incorporate enzymes, they have been included at fixed rates. The new service will, however, analyse cereal quality and provide a recommended enzyme inclusion rate.

Poorer quality cereals, which have a higher viscosity, are likely to require higher levels of enzyme to ensure optimum broiler performance. Where high quality cereals are used, feed compounders may also be able to use less than the previously recommended standard enzyme dose, said Mr Pack.

The company, which already provides enzymes for use in pig feeds, hopes to launch a range of enzymes for ruminant use, aiming primarily at the dairy sector. It will be launched in the USA initially, and should be available to UK producers within the next two to three years.n