12 September 1997


BEARDED collies are thought to have been introduced to Britain early in 16th century when a dog and two bitches were brought from Poland to Scotland.

These days they are best known as attractive companion animals and show dogs, but there is still a core of working Beardies and it was the owners of many of these dogs who took long journeys from across Wales, Scotland and England to bring their Bearded collies for a weekend rally in Llandrindod Wells.

They work in quite a different manner from the Border collie, says Powys sheep farmer Peter Wood who breeds both types of collie but is concentrating more and more on the Bearded one these days.

Peter, who describes himself as an ordinary member of the Working Bearded Collie Association, organised the event. It was in no way competitive. Handlers could show their dogs paces as they took sheep over a trials course, but there were no winners and no prizes.

Above: Meirion Williams, Peter Wood and John Pickett and dogs keep an eye on the action. Right: Hazel Fordham and Gyp (3) from Yeadon, Yorks. Below right: Rosemary Fahimi of Pantydwr working with Millie on the trials course. Below left: Puppies were a hit with young visitors.