ANTI-HUNTING MPs with majorities of less than 10% will be the target of a political campaign to remove them from office, reports The Times.

The paper says the campaign will be registered with the Electoral Commission so it is clear that the intention is to oust anti-hunt MPs.

But the initiative is not supported by the Countryside Alliance which says it seeks to maintain its apolitical status and it will not get involved in any election campaigns.

Although those most likely to gain from the campaign are Conservative MPs the campaign will not endorse Tory candidates, reports the paper.

It says the idea of a campaign against anti-hunt Labour MPs belongs to Jeremy Sweeney, a professional lobbyist who left the Tory Party 10 years ago.

Mr Sweeney, who does not hunt or think hunting is a big issue for many voters, is angered by the hunt ban and the use of the Parliament Act to introduce it.

“That is a great wrong,” Mr Sweeney told the paper.

“The decision was nakedly against prejudice and bigotry. There must be many people like me who are disgusted. 

“The only thing we can do is register our complaints and for people to use their own free time to go and help candidates who will fight to repeal the ban.”