19 January 2001

Cold gives respite from rain as T-sum countdown starts

Welcome to this years T-sum countdown. Cold temperatures recently have brought some welcome respite from the wet weather. With grass growth largely checked at the moment it is a good opportunity to look at last years grass production. Ask the questions – what went well and what did not go so well? Use this experience as part of your fertiliser planning process this spring to help target inputs for maximum efficiency.

Daily updates for Kemira T-sum can be found on FARMERS WEEKLY interactive (www.fwi.co.uk). In addition this year you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about fertiliser timing and look at fertiliser articles from previous issues of FARMERS WEEKLY. They range from establishing new leys to using slurry more efficiently.

Look out for more topical tips under T-sum comment in the next edition of FARMERS WEEKLY.