10 June 1999
Could GM crops reduce land values?

THE Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has reiterated its fears that genetically modified (GM) crops could adversely affect land values.

A survey for the institute found that 64% of its rural members believe the previous or present growing of genetically modified (GM) crops would make the land harder to sell.

Nearly 58% thought growing GM crops would affect land values, while 43% thought it would impact on the value of neighbouring land.

A quarter of those surveyed were undecided on both issues.

The RICS said the concerns about land values focused on the risk of cross-pollination of conventional crops and wild plants by GM varieties.

Members were also concerned that GM pollen could be carried long distances, affecting the status of non-GM crops and conservation areas.

  • Financial Times 10/06/99 page 12 (News Digest)