5 May 1995



lProvide new single national grid field numbers where necessary.

lSend in an application if you wish to claim aid, even if there are no changes to your land.

lState which set-aside option you are taking.

lEnsure the land you are setting aside is eligible.

lSupply sketch maps showing temporary boundaries on your land.

lInclude a letter of authorisation, or use the form at the back of MAFFs IACS booklet, if you are an agent or a partner.


lUse last years form.

lUse acres – hectares only.

lForget to name the seed type and crop variety for oilseed rape or linseed.

lForget to name the crop variety and forecast yields for crops grown on set-aside land for non-food use.

lForget to include the contract if growing non-food crops on set-aside land. Make sure it has been registered with the Intervention Board.

lForget to show all agricultural land which you are not claiming on in column S of the field data sheet.

lForget to sign and date the form.