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EU lifts beef export ban

15 July 1999
EU lifts beef export ban

EUROPEAN farm commissioner Franz Fischler confirmed yesterday that beef exports from Britain can resume from 1 August. Belgium, Holland and France are being tipped as potentially lucrative markets

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    EU lifts beef export ban

    15 July 1999
    EU lifts beef export ban

    THE lifting of the European Unions three-year ban on overseas sales of beef gets coverage across all the broadsheet newspapers today, even to the extent of achieving something of a first – the picture a cows head on the front page of the Financial Times.

    As anticipated in that same newspapers Wednesday issue, sales are to be allowed from the 1 August.

    The move was welcomed by the government and National Farmers Union.

    The Daily Telegraph gives the story the most extensive coverage, with a full page devoted to different aspects of the ban.

    One item lists a calendar of events since the ban was announced in 1996, while another provides a broad overview of how the ban has affected the industry. Included is a profile of how it has affected one particular farmer.

    In another story, the newspaper amasses evidence to suggest abattoirs will be deterred from exporting because of a layer of European bureaucracy imposed on their operations.

    The Guardian also carries a backgrounder on the history of the beef ban, followed by stories on how it has affected particular farmers.

    One story profiles a family which has decided to stay in agriculture and another which is choosing to leave the industry.

    The farming page of The Herald reports that while there is “relief” across the industry at the ending of the ban, “the underlying mood across the industry was gloomy”.

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