By FWi Staff

CONSUMERS must be made more aware of the high quality and welfare standards of British pig production, said junior farm minister Joyce Quin today.

British pig farmers had done a great deal to address concerns about welfare, quality and traceability, she said during a visit to the Malton Bacon factory in Yorkshire.

“Pig producers, slaughterers, processors and manufacturers must all comply with strict rules if they are to qualify to be part of independently audited assurance and quality.”

Shoppers looking for a straightforward way of being sure their products met these standards are told to look for the Meat and Livestock Commissions pork mark.

Ms Quins visit took in a pig farm, a pig processing plant and a supermarket where she said consumers should look for the special packs.

“They can then be confident that their needs are requirements are being met.”

The visit was the third in a series by agricultural ministers aimed at highlighting the partnerships that underpin Britains food industry.