22 October 2001
Flood warnings after weekend rain

By Adrienne Francis

MORE heavy rain is expected after flood warnings were issued for 22 rivers in south-east England and East Anglia.

Severe flood warnings were in place on three rivers, the Environment Agency said on Monday (22 October).

They are the river Cam from Cambridge to Upware; the Colne from Great Yeldham to Colchester; and the Pant from Blackwater to Braintree.

Less serious flood warnings were issued for a further 19 rivers.

Cambridge received 90mm of rain in less than 24 hours on Sunday (21 October), compared to an October average for the city of 60mm.

Braintree received 70mm compared to an October average of 60mm. Most other areas in southern England received 50-60mm of rain.

The Meteorological Office said more rain would fall on Monday evening across the whole of southern England.

A new belt of rain from a southerly direction will affect Wales and Scotland, with up to 25mm expected in places, said forecasters.

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