11 April 1997

Fold-down change for full-width work

CHANGES made to the Franquet Synchrolab furrow press/cultivator now enable the machine to work in a fully folded down position.

In ploughing mode each wing of the implement is used in turn to consolidate ground ploughed on the previous pass, but by removing retaining pins on the main frame each coil section can now be repositioned so they meet in the middle. This enables the machine to be used as a full width cultivator. Four sizes are available 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m (5ft, 6ft 6in, 8ft 2in and 9ft 10in) each of which double up in size when used full width.

Designated Synchrolab II and marketed in the UK by Anglia Imports, prices start at £6495 for the 3m version.

By repositioning the coil packers on the main beam, Franquets furrow press can now be adjusted to work as a full width cultivator.