5 April 2002

GEHL adds skid-steer trio to increase share

GERMAN maker GEHL intends to increase its 4% share of the UK skid-steer loader market with the launch of three new machines.

Due to be unveiled at SED 2002 (14-16 May, Milton Keynes), the range includes the SL7800, a model which takes top spot in the skid steer power stakes, claims GEHL.

Driving force is from a 110hp Yanmar motor that helps to achieve an operating lift capacity of 1633kg using a 120 litres/min high flow pump.

Weighing 4.3t, the SL7800 is clearly not a light skid steer, yet GEHL says its 1.38m wheelbase enables even weight distribution.

A new boom is designed to allow vertical lifting of heavy loads and minimise cycle times.

The remaining pair of loaders include the SL3635 and SL3935 with operating capacities of 476kg and 572kg, respectively.

Under the bonnet, both machines have a 35hp Yanmar engine, which achieves a maximum torque of 104Nm at 1600rpm.

With a forward speed of 11.3kph, the company claims the loaders are now the nippiest machines in their power class.

Further important features are considered to be the Power View boom and a new rounded cab which provide improved levels of all-round visibility. &#42