Thursday, 08 July, 1999

  • Germanys 1998 crop has mostly been marketed as harvesting of the new crop gets under way. New-crop prices are slightly firmer compared to last years values, with only feed barley proving the exception. Only small volumes of new-crop have been traded so far.

    10,000t of German feed barley is reported to have featured in Japans purchase of 169,078t for the first time since 1955 although the exact origin remains unconfirmed. This follows the Japanese governments relaxation of import controls on feed grains.

  • Southern France has experienced the worst of recent changeable weather, with incidences of fungus and disease noted in the first port deliveries of new-crop to La Pallice.

    Maturing wheat in northern France generally appears to be on track, although raised humidity levels could impact on quality and weight. The next 15 days are said to be crucial.

  • Italian maize was reported to have received some price support over the week on the back of a poor Italian wheat harvest. The harvest is some 15 to 20% lower than expected and has so far attracted little buying interest. Regional price differences are said to be reflecting losses seen in some areas.

  • A further shipment of food aid to Russia, which comprises the fourth trance, will include 143,000t of French wheat and 80,000t of German rye.

  • Portuguese grain prices closely followed French and UK markets over the week. Harvesting is well under way across the country with losses from the recent drought, particularly noted in the south, around 60% below last years level.

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