17 August 2001

How to keep that garden up to scratch

IF YOUR hydrangeas are looking pale, your shrubs are turning yellow, and wildlife is drowning in your garden pond rather than enjoying it, what are you to do? No, dont pave over the garden – at least turn to a book* by Pippa Greenwood, first.

In no time at all, shell have you balancing your soil pH to get true blue or perky pink hydrangeas, diagnosing the exact cause of those yellowing shrubs, and creating escape routes from the pond for waterlogged wildlife.

Whats more, Pippas knowledge spans every aspect of gardening from lawns and plants, through pests and diseases to rectifying garden design disasters. If you have a problem, then she is the one to help you solve it, and prevent it happening again.

But buyer beware, this is a book to write your name in. Once your gardening friends know you have it, they will be round to borrow it quicker than a carrot fly strike, and getting it back will be harder than producing a perfect rose. TG

*Garden Problem Solver, Pippa Greenwood, published by Dorling Kindersley (£15.99).