15 November 1999
Keeping young people in the dairy business

AFTER attending two conferences on the state of the dairy industry, I felt like like the world had ended.

I am only 24 and running a family farm of 180 dairy cows, and at the moment wondering where my future lies.

At the first of the discussions I said that something has to done quickly before there are no young professional people left in the industry.

One remark was that I should send a letter to the MD of the processer. But really I should be sending my letter to every dairy farmer in the country and telling them to start talking to their neighbours and start forming larger selling groups.

The government is not coming to the rescue, nor is placing your head in the sand going to help. The demise of the dairy sector is going to increase rapidly and there will be nothing to save as the young peoply will have left for good.

  • Charles Noden, Winsford, Cheshire
    Email: cnodens@aol.com