5 September 1997

Kuhn updates diet feeders

EUROMIX diet feeders marketed by Kuhn Farm Machinery have now been updated to improve performance when handling high dry matter forage.

The machines three augers have been fitted with knives and more space has been made between front and back flight augers.

A longer body shape is claimed to bring feed products more quickly to the back of the machine where final mixing takes place.

Other changes include the use of a wider conveyor in the discharge chute – a feature designed to improve feed distribution in the trough – and a choice of left- or right-hand delivery.

Kuhn has also updated the diet feeders weighing system through the use of weigh cells offering accuracy to within 1kg, and an illuminated display. The weigh system itself, can store information for up to 15 rations, each containing 15 ingredients.

Euromix feeders are available in capacities of 8, 10 and 12cu m with prices ranging from £17,120 to £21,160.n