13 August 2001
Light land winning

WITH about one-quarter of harvest completed, yields have done better on light land.

Andrew Graham, of Strutt and Parker in Salisbury says, “Farmers are fed up with the weather, although a few bits and pieces were cut over the weekend.”

“North of the M4 is a different story. To the south, harvest is good on light land, but tends to be poor on heavier land.” Winter barley yields have generally been good, although oilseed rape was varied.

“Wheat has not got into full flow, but looks quite good so far.” Malacca and Hereward have yielded about 8.6t/ha (3.5t/acre).

“Farmers will be concerned if the weather does not improve by the end of the week.” Quality will become a concern. Most spring barley crops are not quite ready.

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