16 January 1998

Logo for all seasons will guide shoppers to best of British produce

HOW does the UK shopper know what home-grown fruits and vegetables are in season and at their best for flavour and quality when similar looking produce is flown in from abroad the year round?

This was a question that bothered the horticultural committee of the Womens Farming Union. So chairman Janet Godfrey conferred with major retailers and WFU has now produced a seasonal "fresh" logo – yellow for spring, green for summer, orange for autumn and blue for winter – with the Union Jack at its centre.

The logo is available for all British producers of fresh fruit and vegetables to use. The designs have been submitted to retailers. So far Aldi has agreed to send the logo to packers and Morrison has asked for samples.

Oval logos are intended for use in integral packaging or as stickers on individual items; square or rectangular ones may be used for integral packing or shelf labelling.