25 December 1998

Match plough unveiled

KVERNELAND is set to challenge for the world Reversible Ploughing Championships. A company with a successful track record in the world of conventional match ploughing, the absence of a competition reversible has meant this prestigious title has yet to be attained.

But this could all change following the introduction of a two-furrow model supplied in LS (shearbolt) and ES (auto-reset) versions, both fitted with competition bodies and Kvern-elands standard 110 headstock.

To cater for the multitude of adjustments required by pedantic ploughmen, the ploughs specification includes hydraulically variable front furrow width adjustment, full front furrow width adjustment, adjustable discs, skimmers and mouldboard extensions.

The depth wheel also boasts special depth screw adjusters, to allow the working depth to be varied without lifting the plough out of work.

Prices start at £4500. &#42