13 August 2001
Optic spring barley does well

AFTER about 10 days with no combining, Hampshire farmer Tom Coleman made a stunted start on Saturday (11 August) and then Sunday on Optic spring barley.

The mid-March drilled crop has yielded 5.9t/ha (2.4t/acre), which is slightly below the farm average of 6.2t/ha (2.5t/acre). The crop drilled in early April yielded 5.4t/ha (2.2t/acre).

“Anything over 2t/acre was going to be good news, as it was drilled so late.”

The analysis so far reveals 1.7% nitrogen and low screenings, within malting specification. They started combining on Saturday at 18% moisture. Today it has got down to 15% from starting at 13:00.

He says they should move on to wheat by Thursday. “Claire looks very well.” The farm, at Sutton Scotby, is based on a chalky loam soil.

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