21 June 2002

Plough or cultivator?

THE Heliplow could broadly be described as being a plough of sorts – it has mouldboards and points – but most will assume it to be a type of cultivator.

The implement is equipped with two banks of rigid tines each fitted with a small mouldboard and reversible point. The front row of tines turn the soil to the left and the rear to the right.

In action, working at depths of up to 38cm (15in) soil is loosened but not lifted, as a true plough would achieve.

Gregoire Besson describes it as a mixing action. A following press re-compacts the soil and also acts as the implements depth control system.

Designed to be used directly into stubble the six-leg 2.4m version on display has a list price of £5255. &#42

Gregoire Bessons Heliplow has tines and mouldboards to mix soil. This 2.4m version requires 150hp to operate, says the company.