1 March 2002


With the grass foraging season only weeks away our Grass and Forage supplement majors on preparation – pre-season maintenance of essential machinery which could pay dividends as the season gets under way and, in more agronomic terms, a look at forage maize establishment in northern climes. Also numbering among this issues key features is a timely reminder of how clover can add value to grass swards.

And, as an added bonus, we include the UKASTA guide to forage additives – essential information for those planning their silage campaigns. Successful grass conservation is all in the planning, it seems.

Give used mower once-over S4

Mini balers a growth area S6

Faith in maize even in the NE S8

Forage Additives Guide S10-18

Additive sources at a glance S19

Service well pre-season to keep baler trouble-free S20

Clover varieties improving S22

Edited by Jessica Buss and Andy Collings