Farm machinery safely raised using axle stands

Norfolk reader Ashley Howell has won the Farmers Weekly safety tip of the month competition, run in association with Buckler Boots.

Mr Howell, who works as a service technician for Ernest Doe, has a tip inspired by a story he was told while training with a previous employer 14 years ago.

His advice is to always use axle stands and supports, rather than rely on jacks when working on machinery.

He also makes sure he has his phone on him when he starts the job so if anything does happen, providing he is conscious, he can make a call for help.

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“When I was an apprentice, we were told about a technician who had an incident while working on a potato harvester, which resulted in his leg being trapped underneath,” he said.

“Luckily for the technician, the farmer was there and got help. But since hearing about that I always make sure I have the phone on me at all times.

“We in the engineering industry always use supports where we can, but I definitely have seen jacks used on farms and some people don’t seem to appreciate the dangers.”

Mr Howell wins a pair of boots of his choice from the Buckler Boot range.

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