17 August 2001

Rough guide to buying or selling silage

Rough guide to buying or selling silage

EACH tonne of dry matter of clamped silage costs £36 to make, equivalent to about £10/t freshweight if it were 25% DM silage, according to a survey of Welsh farms.

The calculation is based on figures supplied by upland livestock rearing, producer members of groups linked to the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Researchs grassland technology transfer project.

There was considerable variation between farms and the results confirmed that making poor silage is just as costly as making the best. Baled silage was more expensive at over £50/t of dry matter.

The latest project newsletter details the costs as a rough guide for producers who will be buying or selling silage next winter. It says that when judging silage quality each 0.5ME value change is worth about £4/t DM. &#42