24 May 2002

Sloppiness soils pesticide record

GROWERS are being urged to improve agchem handling on-farm as part of industry efforts to avoid a government-imposed pesticides tax. Failure to do so could mean a £120m a year tax on spray products.

Four in 10 pesticide pollution incidents are caused by poor farmyard practice, says a new booklet produced as part of the industry-wide anti-pesticide tax consortiums Voluntary Initiative.

Doing nothing is not an option, the booklet says. "It will result in further restrictions and very likely the loss of some popular products."

Every Drop Counts: Keeping Water Clean gives advice on spray planning, filling, clearing up splashes, cleaning sprayers, maintenance and drift reduction.

Copies available from the Crop Protection Association (01733-349225, e-mail info@cropprotection.org.uk). &#42