27 July 2001

Slurrys locked in

A SLURRY injector which is claimed to be capable of placing slurry at a depth of up to 20cm (8in) with only minimal surface disturbance has been introduced by French manufacturer Pichon.

The firm says UK trials with its new EL7 injector using cattle slurry and various Bio-Sludges have exceeded expectations.

Key to the system is use of 60cm (24in) diameter flat discs set to run at a slight angle and create a cavity into which the slurry is injected. Following press wheels seal the slots, locking the slurry in the ground.

Pichon says the rotating action of the disc means there is no dragged share assembly to disturb the ground unduly. Typical application rates achieved are 90cu m/ha (8000gal/acre), it says.

Spaced at 45cm (18in), each of the units is individually spring loaded. Models with 4, 6 and 8 injection elements are available. &#42