17 May 2002


FARMERS in North Yorkshire are learning to surf the net and send in their IACS forms by e-mail through grant-funded training offered by a business based in Skipton.

Since early this year, Target Training has received just over £28,000 as part of a 75% grant from the Vocational Training Scheme. Project manager, John Cobb, says the scheme has given more than 100 farmers the chance to learn about computers

"Some farmers want to send in their cattle records by e-mail, while others see the internet as a way to save money by shopping around for goods and services," says Mr Cobb.

"We are also in partnership with Skipton and Hawes auctions marts. At Hawes our clients have free use of the six computers based above the mart offices."

In addition to computer training, part of the grant has been spent on seminars to teach farmers more about the opportunities and pitfalls of diversification. A series of courses on meat processing are also being planned.