15 February 2000
Thieves butcher steer in field

By FWi staff

THIEVES have butchered a 450 Limousin steer in a field after leading it from its pen.

The 10-month-old animal was possibly stunned with a high-voltage electric gun and then dismembered in the field near Standlake, Oxfordshire, reports PA news agency.

Several hundredweight of meat were taken in the crime, which Thames Valley Police described as “sick and macabre”.

The farmer found the remains at the weekend.

Several police forces across the country have already set up schemes to deter rustlers.

Farmers are asked to keep a lookout for people acting suspiciously and pass the information to other farmers and police.

Last year, a former SAS officer set up a company to work covertly identifying and tracking down poachers, rustlers and organised gangs of burglars.