16 November 2001
Virus rules eased for Kendal

By FWi staff

FOOT-and-mouth restrictions were lifted from hundreds of farms in Cumbria on Friday (16 November).

The infected-area border in Cumbria was moved, giving 500 farms in the Kendal area much greater flexibility to move animals.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs had waited until it test results from sheep near New Hutton to make the change.

The sheep had been found to contain foot-and-mouth antibodies in their blood, but further tests proved negative.

Defra regional operations director Ray Anderson said the commercial movement of stock would increase as many farms are beginning to restock.

But he warned farmers to remain vigilant.

“Movements increase the risk of a recurrence of cases and there is a continuing need to maintain the highest level of precaution against the virus.

“This is welcome news to farmers in the Kendal area who have been expecting this move.

“They have been agreeing commercial deals with other farmers outside the infected area in anticipation of the boundary change.”

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