17 August 2001
Winter weather to blame for low yields

WITH winter barley finished and a start made on oilseed rape, yields appear to be below average for Jim Cargill, who farms at Fettercairn, north of Montrose in Aberdeenshire.

There was 40ha (100 acres) of Muscat combined by 7 August. “It did not yield very well. There were too many wet bits during the winter. You cant blame the variety.” It was combined at 17.5% moisture.

Soil on the farm is medium to heavy. There was half the amount of winter barley compared to normal because of poor drilling conditions. This means there is 160ha (400 acres) of spring barley, which will be ready in 10 days. 40ha (100 acres) of winter wheat will not be fit till September.

Starting oilseed rape on Wednesday (15 August) at 14%, they were soon stopped by 30mm (1.1 inch) of rain overnight on Wednesday.

Overall, he describes the outcome of harvest as expected.

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