22 August 1997

Winton herd tops 4000gns



BIDDING topped at 4000gns when East Yorkshire breeders John Waring and Sons sold the summer calving portion of their Winton herd at Beverley.

This was paid for the imported Holstein first-calver Kentville Insp Cassandra. Bred from two 11,000kg dams and served to Chairman Valiant, she goes to D J Wilsons Emadale herd at York.

Another Inspiration daughter, Scrayingham Ins Beatle, made 2600gns to Doncaster-based C D and M K Parkers Chessman herd. This show-winning in-calf heifer is bred from the Hemble Beatle family and was springing to Hanoverhill Lieutenant. She was consigned from Milner Farms, York.

The sale included cattle from the Huntholme herd (T W Southwell and Son) and Geonevric herd (G E Payling).

AVERAGES: Winton: 50 females £952. Huntholme: 24 cows and served heifers £735. Geonevric: 12 females £689. Scrayingham: 12 females £963. (Norton and Brooksbank).n