13 April 2000
Zimbabwe court backs white farmers

By FWi staff

THE high court in Harare has ruled that the government and police in Zimbabwe should evict black squatters from white-owned farms.

The court found in favour of claims by the Commercial Farmers Union, which had demanded action against squatters occupying more than 900 farms.

But The Guardian claims it is the black farmworkers rather than the white farmers that have been the real victims of the confrontations.

It reports that only 10 white farmers have been seriously injured, while more than 100 of their workers have been taken to hospital. The Times claims that the Movement for Democratic Change, opposing the government of Zimbabwe, is gathering support among blacks and whites.

The leader of the party, Morgan Tsvangirai, will visit London tomorrow (14 April) to rally international support and to raise the profile of the situation in Zimbabwe.