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Supermarket Asda has slashed the cost of its colony egg, and made further reductions to free range in its latest round of price cuts aimed at winning back market share.

The retailer is now offering 15 medium colony eggs at £1, equating to 6.6p each. It has also cut the price of six free-range medium eggs to 89p, a move that others have followed.

Packs of six colony eggs are also on offer, at just 55p a box, down from 89p before Christmas.

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Asda made the cuts as part of its “biggest ever rollback”, a £300m “investment” in lowering consumer prices.

A spokesperson said: “We invest in price year round but we’re kicking off January with our biggest ever rollback – spending £300m to bring more value across our stores and online on the products customers buy week in, week out.

“We’re going further than ever before, rolling back those every-day, can’t-live-without items at a bigger percentage than we’ve ever been able to do previously.”

A colony egg producer suggested there was “no margin” to be had at those prices, and if the cost of feed rose even slightly, it could tip the supply chain into a loss-making situation. 

Lidl has previously sold colony at a similar price, but with mixed-weight packs.

Noble Foods chief executive Andrew Cracknell said this month the cut restored the differential between free range and colony, and could drive sales of value packs, at the risk of throwing free range into oversupply towards the summer.

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