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A Power Farming subscription costs just £35 + VAT a year. Or, if you subscribe to Farmers Weekly, get it for the even lower cost of £25 + VAT. (Invoice provided so you can claim back VAT)

Either way it’s a small price to pay to benefit from Power Farming’s wealth of machinery information – especially when it comes to saving you money on purchases, maintenance and repairs.

You’ll get:

Detailed technical specifications.

Detailed and easy-to-follow maintenance advice.

News and reviews from experts.

Access to and advice from likeminded people.

Direct access to advice from leading manufacturers.

A regular newsletter sent direct to your inbox.


All that plus the chance to receive promotional mailings such as discount offers for shows.


You can subscribe to Power Farming online with a credit/debit card.  Current Farmers Weekly subscribers should call 0845 077 7744 (08:30-17:30) to add Power Farming to their existing subscription.

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Contact us by email or look at our Frequently Asked Questions below to see if your query is answered.

Q. I am a Framers Weekly magazine subscriber and want to add Power Farming, how much will it cost me?
A. Call 0845 077 7744 and our customer service team will see how long you have left on your Farmers Weekly subscription and work out how much to charge based on an annual rate of £25+VAT.

Q. Is Power Farming just for larger farms?
A. Power Farming is for large and small enterprises, there is so much useful information on the site that it will be worth the small investment to subscribe.

Q. I only buy second hand machinery?
A. Power Farming is linked to Farmers Weekly classifieds so it is as much for second hand purchases as new.

Q. Is it only for tractors?
A. Currently the search and compare function is only for tractors, but other machinery will be added very shortly and the rest of the site is for all types of equipment.

Q. I could get this information for free from manufacturer’s websites.
A. Yes you could, but it could take you a long time and you would need to write down a lot of information to compare and contrast all the different models and you may miss some options. Also, Power Farming gives you independent ratings and reviews.

Q. The website is too technical for me. I find it intimidating and unapproachable.
A. There is technical information on the site but there is also a lot of support and guidance that you can get from other users and the Power Farming team to help you with your understanding.

Q. Some of the reviews could be biased. I don’t trust other farmers.
A. With all reviews you should use them as a guide to help you make decisions but not base your decision on one persons view. Power Farming will provide an Independent verdict and users reviews will be aggregated into an overall user rating.

Q. The manufacturers could be using the site just to promote themselves- I don’t want to be sold at.
A. I am sure that the manufacturers would rather make a sale but in the most part they will be giving support from a technical point of view rather than a sales one.

Q. The length of commitment is too long.
A. A year long subscription is designed to give users the benefit of experiencing the site over a period of time rather than just using it to purchase a piece of machinery and not see the benefit of the other parts of the site.

Q. I don’t want to part with the cash.
A. The investment in becoming a Power Farming user allows us to ensure the site is value for money.

Q. The pricing will not be realistic- machinery never sells for what it is priced at.
A. We will endeavour to provide the average selling price of machinery rather than the list price whenever we can.

Q. I might not want to buy equipment but I do want to know how to maintain machinery- so I would not want to pay the full price.
A. The price is reflective of the use of any part of the site not just the search and compare function. The value of a subscription will mean different things to different users, but we hope that everyone finds it an investment that is worthwhile.