Bernard Matthews


The estate of Norfolk turkey producer Bernard Matthews, who died last year, has been revealed to be worth £40.5m, with a 38% stake in the company which bears his name going to his Dutch son.


Mr Matthews’ son, Frederick Elgershuizen, 29, was born during an eight-year relationship with Cornelia Elgershuizen after Mr Matthews separated from his wife, Joyce, in 1975.

Joyce Matthews holds a 32% share in the company, but received no more in the division of Mr Matthews’ estate, while a 1% share has gone to his former personal assistant, Carolyn Claussen. His partner, Odile Marteyn, will receive £1m.

Bernard Matthews chief exNoel Bartram said the change in ownership would not affect operations.

“The company continues to be a family-owned business, managed by its board in the interest of all its shareholders,” he said in a statement. “The board continues to implement its strategy of growing the business by focusing on increasing turkey consumption in the UK.”