BOY BAND Blue is fronting the next phase of Scotland‘s White Stuff Milk Moustache campaign.

The chart-topping band follows in the footsteps of celebrities such as Nell McAndrew and Atomic Kitten who have previously been involved in the promotional campaign.

Duncan James from Blue said: “When we‘re touring we need to maintain our energy levels and drinking milk helps us to top up our daily vitamin and mineral levels.

“It‘s a well known fact that most people do not have enough calcium in their diets, so we are delighted to be part of this campaign to encourage people to drink more milk.”



Launched in September of last year, the campaign has already begun to see a marked change in attitudes towards the consumption of milk

Independent research has shown almost two thirds of children now perceive milk to be ‘cool‘, with 71% of those questioned stating that it is a popular drink for kids their age.

All material featuring Blue will feature the message that milk is 98% fat free but still packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

It will also carry the green apple logo – the mark of the Scottish Executive‘s healthy living campaign who invested £50,000 in the initiative last November.

Gillian Kynoch, Scotland’s food and health co-ordinator, said: “Encouraging people to eat the right foods in order to get a healthy balance is a tough challenge.

“So it‘s great to see high-profile celebrities like Blue encouraging young people to drink good, healthy, staple products like semi-skimmed milk instead of sugary alternatives.”

The White Stuff campaign is a joint initiative between The Scottish Dairy Marketing Company and the Milk Development Council (MDC).