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Leading Red-and-White… Ayrshire heifer East Church Icemans Primrose took top honours in the Ayrshire lines and went on to clinch the reserve interbreed title for Mark Evans.

Top milker… Holstein heifer Hoops Flower 318 took the Holstein and interbreed dairy titles for Guy Ley on a day when heifers dominated the dairy classes.

Prize porcine… Taking top spot in the pig lines was Nick Hunkin’s May 2003 born Landrace Sow Shutevale Princess 35.

Charollais topper… This shearling ewe from Derek Daffurn and Jennifer Curtis walked away with the interbreed sheep title after clinching the breed honours.

Novice winner… First-time show cow Wedmore Olga from Nick and Lisa Hill took the Limousin and interbreed beef honours.

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Full results:


Interbreed N and L Hill’s Limousin cow Wedmore Olga; res, D B Mills’ Simmental Wishful Lavender.
Commercial Beef M Alford’s Limousin cross Red Rosette; res, Clackworthy and Tippetts’ Limousin cross Bobby Dazzler.
Aberdeen Angus B and J Butler’s Lady Heather of Broomhill; res, M Jones’ Ull Edwina.
Blonde D’Aquitaine P Holman and P Williams’ Hillhead Umar; res, P Holman and P Williams’ Cosden Twilight.
Belgian Blue E Haste’s Valco v’t Goed Ter Walle; res, E Haste’s Tamhorn Ulalla.
Charolais H Vooght’s Moyness Organza; res, H Vooght’s Bassingbourne Rapier.
Devon John Gilson’s Challenge Brigadier; res, S Martin’s Elmford Fancie 2.
Dexter J Knight’s Beechwood Daisy 2; res, A and K Reed’s Moomin MacDuff.
Limousin N and L Hill’s cow Wedmore Olga; res, N and L Hill’s cow Quaish Toplass.
Simmental DB Mills’ Wishful Lavender; res, J Hall’s Chegwidden Newman.
South Devon R Clemens’ Penrose Stonehedging Summers; res W Scott’s Grove Cladius 63.


Interbreed J Ley’s Hoops Flower 318; res, M Evans’ East Church Icemans Primrose.
Ayrshire M Evans’ East Church Icemans Primrose; res, E Marnham’s Warmhill Anne.
Guernsey Lt Col and M Watson’s Shalford Bess 3; res, J White’s, Kingwell Hp Rufus Neon.
Holstein J Ley’s Hoops Flower 318; res, J Ley’s Hoops Integrity Anna.
Any other dairy J Quant’s Brown Swiss; res, J Quant’s Brown Swiss.


Interbreed D Daffurn and J Curtis’ Charollais; res, W Jordan’s Scottish Blackface.
Fleece R and D Snell; res, R and D Huxter.
Bluefaced Leicester D Randall and S Mitchell; res, H Havil.
Bleu Du Maine M Vile’s; res, M Jones.
Charollais D Daffurn and J Curtis; res, A Selway.
Greyface Dartmoor M Waycott; res, V Pratt.
Whitefaced Dartmoor A Cole; res, P Coaker.
Devon Closewool M Scott; res, M Scott.
Devon & Cornwall Longwool J Darke; res, R and D Snell.
Dorset Down W Burrough & Son; res, M and D Eyles.
Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset D Rossiter; res, D Rossiter.
Exmoor Horn Clark and Blackmore; res, Clark and Blackmore.
Hampshire Down H Derryman and Sons; res, M Adams.
Lleyn G and P Martin; res, P and M Hendy.
Rouge De L’Ouest D Jane; res, D Jane.
Suffolk S Elsworthy; res, C Irwin.
Texel E Quick and Son; res, E Quick and Son.
Scottish Blackface W Jordan; res, I Mortimore.
Shetland C Francis; res, R and D Huxter.
Ryeland Messrs Wear and Norman; res, R Wear.
Jacob B Wilson; res, M Biggs.
Rare breeds H Hanson; res, D Rashley and S Tooze.
Any other native W Jordan; res, E Eagles.
Any other Continental A J Carter; res, J Lapthorne.
Commercial S Chambers; res, S Martyn.
Berrichon du Cher M and K Yeo; res, M and K Yeo.


Interbreed N Hunkin’s Shutevale Princess 35; res, W, E and C Uglow’s Edgcumbe Julia 1939.
Berkshire Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ Kilcot Excelsa 11334; res, Kilcot Pedigree Pigs’ Up The Steps Peter Lad 30.
British Lop J Collings’ boar Liskeard Prince 23; res, Liskeard Sunshine CJ2790-2795.
Saddleback W, E and C Uglow’s Endsleigh BiddY 650; res, W Edwards and A Thomas’ Pantysgawen Grand Duke 224.
Gloucestershire Old Spot Mr and Mrs C Lugg’s Primrose Muriel 420; res, W, E and C Uglow’s Endsleigh Rufus 2011.
Large Black P Snell and Sons’ Sock Dorothy 152; res, P Snell and Sons’ Sock Attempt 12.
Large White W, E and C Uglow’s Edgcumbe Viking 349; res, J and T Newth Portbredy Beryl 704.
Landrace N Hunkin’s Shutevale Princess 35; res, N Hunkin’s Shutevale Royal Eros 38.
Welsh W, E  and C Uglow’s Edgcumbe Julia 1939; res, W, E and C Uglow’s Edgcumbe Lioness 2175.
Middle White I and M Todd’s Smallicombe Fair Lady 117; res, I and M Todd’s Smallicombe Revival 234-237.
Tamworth N Hunkin’ boar Shutevale Jasper 467; res,The Marquess of Salisbury’s Crane Lucky Lass 19.

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By Geoff King

THE YOUNG were certainly showing the way forward at this year’s Devon Show, particularly in the dairy rings where the interbreed championship judging was dominated by heifers.

Ringside pundits suggested the absence of older animals could say a lot about the industry doldrums of the last few years leading to many units disappearing and the local TB situation affecting many potential exhibitors.

But with heifers like the champion Hoops Flower 318, a Holstein from Guy Ley‘s unit at Holsworthy and reserve Mark Evans‘ Ayrshire Icemans Primrose from Honiton, the future for those that remain in the industry should look brighter, believes judge Arnold Thompson from Carlisle.

“For those that stay in the industry these are just the sort of animals needed today. Both were strong and dairy like,” said Mr Thompson. Hoops Flower 318, led out by Stuart Ley, has a predicted lactation of 9000 litres.

In the pig arena, commentator for the championship, Nick Hunkin from Dillington, Somerset, didn‘t know what to say when Lancs judge Jim Appleton pulled out his May 2003-born Shutevale Princess 35 to take the interbreed from local domination in the ring ahead of the Uglow family, who had swept all before them during the rest of the show.

“I couldn‘t go wrong,” said Bryan Card, who led Shutevale Princess for publisher Mr Hunkin.

Showing total control and presence in the sheep interbreed ring was a typically tidy shearling Charollais ewe called Diana from father and daughter team Derrick Daffurn and Jennifer Curtis, of Wickhamford, Worcs, who took the championship.

“She is called Diana because she has that ‘look at me’ presence as she moves,” explained Mrs Curtis.

The Beef Interbreed saw another debut animal, albeit older, stealing the glory for county council holding farming partnership Nick and Lisa Hill with their Limousin cow Wedmore Olga.

Judge Colin Hutchings, of Brompton Regis – making his 50th show appearance and first time championship judge – said with a show weight of 1010kgs, she was “outstanding”.

Mr Hill and his wife both work full time as well as running their small council unit at Cheddar, Somerset, where the successful show herd of Limousin is based.

“She was born in June 1998 and we brought her at two months suckling her dam. This is her debut show and first time off the farm in five years and I’m impressed with her performance,” said Mr Hill.

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