WASTE DISPOSAL costs forced on producers by legislation due to be introduced later this year could be as much as £403 a year.

That‘s £403 for each of the 162,000 farms in England and Wales.

New controls, stemming from the EU‘s Waste Framework Directive, will prohibit open burning of waste and using farm dumps.

DEFRA‘s head of waste management John MacIntyre told a Pig and Poultry Fair seminar. 

“Anything that is discarded is regarded as waste, including packaging, old tyres, batteries, machinery and syringes.”

The estimated cost of the new rules, which he stressed already applied to other industries, is between £164 and £403 a year for every farm.

The mid point of that estimate would be £283/farm.

A public consultation will take place this summer, with a summary sent to all farms, and Mr MacIntyre urged producers to participate in discussions.

“But it is pointless lobbying government not to introduce these controls. That is not an option for these EU directives.”