OBJECTIVE ONE funding is still available for a number of projects in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, according to the Cornwall Agricultural Council Development Team.

Senior agricultural co-ordinator David Rodda said the council had committed 51% of its Objective One money by the end of January, leaving almost £54m available until the middle of 2008.

“Rumours that we have run out of money are not true. There is still money left.”

Although some individual, ring-fenced schemes had run out of cash, the council was busy getting more support for them, he added.

The council also had a new strategy to fund common issues affecting all sectors in the agricultural, horticultural, food and land-based industries.

Existing grants can be obtained for processing and marketing of agricultural products, farm diversification and machinery or labour rings, for example.

But Mr Rodda also hopes to get additional backing for three new areas – novel crops and livestock, strategic and innovative on-farm investment and a new entrants scheme.