More settled weather meant northern growers were pressing on with harvest, according to merchant Grainfarmers.

Late ripening meant the spring barley harvest had run into the start of the wheat in Scotland, said Aberdeenshire-based manager Bruce Ferguson.

“While about 75-80% of the barley has been cut in central Scotland, it’s more like 25-35% in Aberdeenshire where some crops are only now just fit,” he said. Yields in central Scotland were no more than average, with variable bushel weights.

Nitrogen levels in the spring barley were fine, but screenings were very variable, he added.

South of the border, growers in northern England had made great progress over the past week (to September 5), with 90% of the wheat now cut, said Wetherby-based trader Steve Atha.

Yields were variable and at best only average, he added. “There’s been such a lack of sunshine that it’s affected grain fill.”

Crop: Wheat
Region: North
Progress: 90% cut

Crop: Spring barley
Region: Central Scotland
Progress: 75-80% cut

Crop: Spring barley
Region: Aberdeenshire
Progress: 25-35% cut

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