Farmlife asks the quick-fire questions

Why are you getting involved in Farmhouse Breakfast Week?

I was asked to join in by health and nutrition professionals representing groups such as Healthy Schools, Healthy Eating on a Low Budget and Oral and Dental Health. I jumped at the chance to help encourage adults and children to eat healthy food and raise awareness of the excellent local food available. Also, breakfast is when milk is drunk more than at any other meal.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Toast and coffee with lashings of gold top milk. But my bed-and-breakfast guests get an English breakfast of local produce.

You”ve promoted school milk for years – are you a born campaigner?

If I am passionate about something, I want everyone to know – so perhaps I am. My husband calls it “a bee in my bonnet”.

Is it true you”ve got a wooden cow which you take into schools to help promote milk?

Yes. She is lifesize, called Vicky, can be “milked” and the children love her. She is having a “calf” which will make its first appearance in Breakfast Week.

 What”s the strangest thing a schoolkid has ever said to you?

Children have more understanding than we sometimes give them credit for. It”s the grown-ups who ask daft questions and sometimes show their ignorance. For example: “I don”t drink milk because it”s 50% fat!”