60 TRAVELLERS who set up home in a village field without authority have been granted retrospective planning permission for 15 caravans, reports The Telegraph.

Despite objections from the parish council, Stroud district council in Glos said it would be pointless to refuse planning permission.

The district council found that any decision to refuse planning permission would no doubt be overruled by EU human rights laws at a later date.

The decision has angered those who bought the case.

“We are shocked and disappointed. It makes a mockery of the whole system,” said Bruce Wiggall, chairman of Brookthorpe parish council.

“This was not about planning; the district council was scared by the issue of human rights.

“Planners talk about human rights, but what about the human rights of the people living nearby,” said Mr Wiggall.

The travellers, who bought the land in September 2004 moved their caravans on shortly afterward, are now required to pay council tax.