FIGHT TO stay as food producers not park keepers, was the strong and positive message given by Clare Wise to Smithfield visitors attending a Profitable Meat Production seminar.

“From Jan 1, 2005, British producers face a revolution, but we also face a stark message – that of change or be replaced.” However, with single farm payments, producers have been given the time to plan and adapt to change – time she feels will ensure British producers are at the forefront of a proud and vibrant industry.

“We all have a responsibility to drive change and in doing so we will be in control,” reckons Miss Wise, Red Meat Industry Forum”s on-farm benchmarking project manager and a fifth-generation farmer.

Since subsidies, producers have not been in control of the industry, she added. “Subsidies have meant going cap in hand to government, resulting in incorrect livestock production systems. That means dependence, and by definition that means weakness.”

RMIF has set out to ensure continuity and efficiency through the red meat chain. “Taking control of businesses and coming together with like-minded producers will mean the industry has strength. Added to that, we have some of the best, safest and tastiest food in the world.”

Working with RMIF and discussion groups can help producers achieve reductions in production costs and help promote efficiency in the food supply chain, she said.