2m headland margins may not be such a bad idea for this farmer who got a little too close to the ditch whilst spraying with his Mercedies Unimog.

Sam Williams sent in these pictures of his dad’s rolled Mercedes forward-control Unimog sprayer.

Moggie on its side

Whilst out spraying peas last June, Sam’s dad was in a hurry to get on. As he entered the field he intended to spray, he drove into an overgrown ditch, sinking the back wheel. The sprayer then toppled over landing on the bank. 

Two moggies pumping

“The ditch must have moved since last year- it couldn’t have been down to driver error,” claims Mr Williams.

Crane lifts moggie

Another sprayer unloaded the tank and a crane was summoned to lift it back onto its wheels.

Bent Boom

 The majority of the damage was to the boom, which was bent into the shape of a banana.

Moggie upright

Thanks to Sam for sending these great pictures in.

If you’ve caught any amusing machinery mishaps on camera email them to us.

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