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Soil Management

Fertile soil is not only vital for the production of food, but it also plays a key role in the environment – as pollution prevention, by breaking down or reducing the impact of chemical contaminants and an important carbon storage reserve.
Soils are also important in nutrient cycling and regulating water flow and flood risk reduction.
Managing soils correctly is essential and these modules focus on good husbandry and ways to protect the soil structure.
Did you know that?

  • It can take more than 150 years for 1cm of topsoil to form
  • min-till cultivation can deliver savings on some farms of up to £80/ha per year compared to conventional practices
  • it costs Local Authorities up to £30m/year to deal with the effects of soil erosion on roads and footpaths and water companies £55m/year in decontaminating drinking water of soils and phosphates.
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Soils: capping and slumping


by Nick Caspell   Course Soil Management

Some soils are particularly vulnerable to capping and slumping. As ADAS consultant Nick Caspell explains, this can damage productivity and lead to erosion and run-off.


Soils: compaction


by Fraser Milne (Siguna Consultancy)  Course Soil Management

Soil compaction restricts yield and causes other problems, such as run-off and erosion. Independent consultant Fraser Milne examines the causes and what can be done to alleviate the problem.


Soils: husbandry


by Stuart Moss (Catchment Sensitive Farming )  Course Soil Management

A good knowledge of your soil is essential to optimise production. So how do you monitor it to ensure you are getting the best results? Stuart Moss, Catchment Sensitive Farming explains.


Soils: poaching


by Mark Tripney   Course Soil Management

Poaching can dramatically reduce sward productivity, but a little basic management will easily alleviate the problems involved, writes independent consultant Mark Tripney


Soils: wind erosion


by Fraser Milne (Siguna Consultancy)  Course Soil Management

Wind erosion can blow away your profits. Independent consultant Fraser Milne explains how to keep your soil in its place.